Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!

Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!
Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What was I thinking??  

I was looking at stuff on Ebay and I noticed some yarn that looked very interesting.  And I had seen a necklace that my friend had made from ladder yarn, just a chain stitch but very pretty but no, I am drawn to something different because of the fall colors.  I even forget the name of this yarn but when I received it I had a feeling I was in trouble--somehow knew this was not going to be simple using a crochet hook with this yarn.  

I picked a large hook, N, and proceeded to make a "simple" scarf of treble stitches.  I have struggled and now have the easiest way to crochet each row without struggling to fit it in an actual stitch from the previous row and dropping stitches.  I had started with 15 in row and was down to 10 before I noticed.  Did I pull it out?  NO! No way I just increased in the next row to get back to 15.  I will never sell this scarf because there will be too much time devoted to it.  Here is a pic of it,  I'll try to remember to show you the finished project.  Don't expect that anytime soon!

My latest snowflake

To the left is a picture that I planned to tease you with but didn't get it on here before I finished the snowflake.  But notice how many points the snowflake has?  yup, 7, I did it again.  The worst is I didn't even notice when I took the first pic.  When I was working on finishing it I had some beads threaded to put in two rows and I had added several extras, well after the first round of beads was done and I noticed I didn't have an overabundance of beads left so when I looked closer noticed the 7 points!  Again, no way was I going to pull it all out and start again!  And it is just as pretty with 7 points as it will be with 6 points.  I plan to make several of these snowflakes because I love it!!  I found it at my fav place for snowflakes, Snowflake Monday @ Snow Catcher's blog.  She did several with colored yarn which I loved but I guess I am just more traditional because I did mine in all white.  Expect some colors in my next one.

The small one that somehow crept into the picture may end up as a necklace.  Sweet and simple!

Some more jewelry
These are some of my earlier attempts at jewelry.  Haven't decided what to do with them yet.  Probably list them on Listia_header at http://www.listia.

I have bought several items there but have not sold anything yet.

And one more thing before I close for the day, I'm wondering if anyone else has been bothered by the limited choice of font size here on Google's blogs?  If you don't have Google then let me show you.  Here are samples of the font sizes.  This is smallest.  This is small.  This is normal.  This is large.  And last this is largest.  What would it take to just do the regular way?


  1. You've given me a terrific idea. I think I'm going to make six more snowflakes with seven points and send the whole batch to my mom! Too bad I can't get it done in time for Mother's Day this year. But I appreciate the inspiration!

  2. I'm always glad when something good comes from an unplanned event! My niece suggested Christmas gifts of a snowflake for each family with the number of points match the size of their family. Sounds good but some families are 2, some are 10, and what about the single family members.

    Please post on your website when you get all the snowflakes made. And will you send them as a decoration for the tree or a mobile? I want to make a mobile one of these days with about a dozen snowflakes, different sizes.

  3. I have never seen yarn like before. Nonetheless, the scarf is turning out nicely. It will drape beautifully. I also like your 7 point snowflake. Most of my mistakes turn out to be a happy mistake.

  4. Thanks Liz, I have let myself quit fighting the yarn and I have found that I can crochet between the treble crochets instead of into the top of the stitches. Because of the "bumps" in the yarn you can't make a tight stitch so it looks like I have chained 1 in-between each stitch anyways so the working between the stitches is working great.

    I like the snowflake also! I would never dream of pulling it out to start anew. It will always be a conversation piece.