Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!

Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!
Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Asking for donations-hoping for a cure for MS.

I went to a fundraiser for MS tonight.  I was there in the capacity of what is called an "MS Ambassador"  for the National MS Society, Michigan Chapter.  An easy thing to do, set up a table, put brochures out, and mingle with people there and hand-out some of brochures if they are interested.

I think I talked a couple friends of the person with MS who was selling her art at this fundraiser to join one of the WalkMS events.  And also a couple that happened to just stop by  the coffee house where it was held and they seemed interested in doing more for the MS Society and hopefully will be raising money for us and walking in one of the WalkMS events here in Michigan!!  Yea!!

I'm telling you, I seriously believe there is a cure just around the corner for MS.  And research needs to be funded so fundraising is very important.

I will be walking in the Frankenmuth WalkMS event here in Michigan on May 12th, rain or shine!  This will be my 4th year and I always make a new friend there, re-unite with old friends, and enjoy the comradeship of walking and eating lunch with my teammates on the team I walk with, the ShiaWalkers!

I have never been comfortable asking for money but I have gotten over that when it comes to this time of year and such a great cause that is near and dear to my heart.  But I don't walk for me, I walk for a friend of mine, Catina, who is 34 years old and has had MS for at least 10 years, 4 of those years she has been living in a nursing home, pure torture for her and for those that love her.

Catina is fed through a tube, completely bedridden, is unable to talk except for an occasional yes or no.  She loves music and up until 6 months ago she would sing along to songs.  I miss her voice!  I love her smile!  She deserves so much more.

If you would like to donate to the NMSS and all those that are afflicted with the disease, multiple sclerosis, here is the link to donate to my walk team, ShiaWalkers!

I want to thank Deborah Atkinson from Snowcatcher for her generous and kind donation to this cause.  She rides for Bike MS and does lots through that for people with MS!  Thanks Deborah!  Check her great blog at  Right now she is facing lots of challenges after breaking her right wrist in bicycle accident.  Hope she heals real quick but she is doing fantastic things with her left hand even tho right handed.

Donate here

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  1. Thank you Deborah Atkinson from Snowcatcher Blog for your kind and generous donation. If you haven't checked out Snowcatcher's blog.