Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!

Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!
Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Perusing the email this morning

I get emails from blogs, companies, Pinterest, friends, scams, FB, and more, more, more

This morning's emails included one from Joann"Vero Table Lamp in Brushed Nickel" and featured the Ottlites "Vero Table Lamp in Brushed Nickel" for half off.  I really like the table lamp but it is 15 watts, it used to be great reading lights were 100 watts but in this world of led and energy efficient I don't know what is what.  Anyone have any words to the wise when buying lamps like this? here is the link I was sent to for the lamps. and here is the  one I am thinking about.  

I have had vision "problems" all my life, a hereditary astigmatism that most of my family has but this has been pretty much fixed with glasses.  Then I went into the dreaded bifocals because of age.  Then multiple sclerosis reared its ugly head with vision problems that were horrific but the blurriness that I experienced at that time didn't hang around.  Thank you, God. 

Now I have problems with crocheting, blurriness occurs after I spend any significant time crocheting which really aggravates the heck out of me.  I usually am doing a project that has a time limit for it to be finished or a new pattern that I really like and want to finish just because I want to see it what it will look like completed by me, in my colors, etc.  Reading is a problem also at this time which is a double edge sword-can't read the pattern and can't see the project I am crocheting.  Ah well, old age and MS-ugh!

Sorry for the rant, so I could have made this just a short, what do you think of Ottlites but in my usual manner I didn't do that.

Another thing that takes up my life time lately is Pinterest!  I should stop pinning now because I have enough pins to last me a lifetime already but I love finding new things to crochet, new recipes, camping ideas, crafts for the grandkids, and all things beautiful.  And I know I am not alone in this pursuit of new pins because I keep finding new people and new things to pin.  If you haven't tried it yet, STAY AWAY!  Just kidding but be aware it is addictive and time consuming and tough on the eyesight.  LOL.  So skip over this website if you can - and "follow" me! Find me here

And I need to give a shout out to Deborah Atkinson's blog, Snowcatcher, not only for her snowflake patterns but all her other great reads and pics!  Deborah is someone I like to refer to as an online friend!  I would love to meet her in person!  
Example of a few of her snowflakes!
pin heaven and she raises funds for an MS cure too!!  Her and her husband both ride in BikeMS!  Thank you Atkinsons!!

What are some of your great finds on the internet?  

Have a sunny, funny day!!

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  1. You are just too sweet, and I do indeed consider you one of my friends. I hope we can meet in person one day, too. And it could happen! I've met two bloggers and will be meeting a third next month! It can happen!