Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!

Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!
Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Not too bad living without power for a day and a half 

but glad to have electricity back!!

This is what my tables looked like during the time with no power.

this is a small table I have in my living room.  I got some crocheting and stiffening done during our power outage!

another angle of the same table showing some more snowflakes and our battery operated radio that kept us up with some news of the storm, estimates for when power might be restored.  Thankfully for us it was much sooner than estimated but I think they give the worst case scenario so people will stop calling.  I haven't heard how many are still without power but glad we are not and they soon have power also. 

and this is our kitchen table where my husband and I spent most of our time.  The generator we have is small but it gave us enough power to run our refrigerator, the lamp you see here and plug-ins to re-charge our Jump-Its which are large batteries to run my CPAP at night. (I have severe sleep apnea).

And my small hoarding has its advantages sometimes because notice the phone on the back right of the table.  It doesn't need electricity to work like our cordless phones need.  

My husband and I did a lot more talking during the 37 hour period than we normally do!  That part was nice!

And being a city dweller has its perks during outages because we still had water and gas for hot water!  Which also meant our toilets flushed as usual!

We had a new furnace installed a couple years ago which we found that even tho it has some advantages the disadvantage is that it has electric start so we missed having the old forced air gas furnace we had before.  It had dropped to 61 degrees but with an extra comforter, some wool socks and warmer pjs I was ready to face the night but the power came back on after I had been asleep for about an hour.  But husband was so happy because he is not as warm blooded as I am and would have been cold through the night.

I had started this post a few days back and what you see below is all I had entered before we lost electricity but I hope to share from time to time more of what I find while web surfing.  Which I have to include one more thing I missed yesterday was my Monday visit to SnowCatcher's blog.  This week's snowflake is absolutely jaw dropping to me!  Check it out! 
Indigo Ice Snowflake

Absolutely breath-taking, right??

And below is the one and only I had started for this week.

web surfing


  1. I'm so glad you got your power back on! What a great way to spend the outage... snowflaking and talking with the one you love!

    1. thanks! and thanks for this week's absolutely gorgeous snowflake!!