Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!

Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!
Love Family, Friends, Camping, Traveling, Crocheting, and way too much to mention here!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 is almost over!

Wow!  I remember reading once that time goes faster when you get older!  I remember kind of laughing to myself, thinking how could that be.  Well, I am here to tell you it is true!  Instead of 24 hours in a day I feel like my days are only 18 hours or even less.  And the weeks, I can't blink or there went another week!  Months...woosh like the Amtrack that goes by every day here in Durand.  And the years....I won't even go there.  The one thing I am thankful for is that I don't feel as old as I am most days!!  Maybe because someone shortened them when I wasn't looking and I have too much to do in that short time to worry about me!

When I visit Deborah Atkinson's Snowcatcher blog and see what she endures I get a little more "Can Do" attitude!  She is such and amazing lady and does so much for others!  And this is in spite of all the injuries she has had and conquered in her lifetime!  And I love, love, love her snowflakes!  And I enjoy crocheting them, they always turn out just the way I imagine them in my mind!

I have been busy crocheting Christmas presents and was thankful for so many orders during November and December.  I still haven't decided if I want to pursue the business of crocheting for a profit or just do it for family and friends!  It is stressful for me to crochet for others for a price.  If things are free then I don't worry so much...well, sort of...  I worry no matter what but at least I don't have a deadline or a specific product to create.

Here are some of the creations that were shipped out.  The fish is a plastic bag holder and the others are barefoot sandals.

I guess I need to just be a RTS (Ready To Ship) sales.  Then if I can't finish something or don't like the looks of it then I can put it aside and decide later what to do with it.

Our Christmas season has been lengthened this year by a few days but dates don't matter as long as family is here to share it with me.  Our granddaughter was snowboarding, fell and suffered an injury to her elbow.  The orthopedic specialist will see her today and evaluate her injury further.  Hopefully it will just mean a little longer in the splint and sling.  They will be traveling here this next weekend so our family exchange of gifts was just delayed by a few days!  And all that is important is the good health of all of us.

Then on Saturday our extended family holiday gathering will be here!  I come from a family of 5 siblings and now that Mom has 13 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren it can be quite a large group.  We always have fun and way too much to eat!!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and 2013 brings even greater things.

We need to keep praying and supporting those in Newtown, CT!  As a former elementary school secretary I felt their pain.  As a parent, I cannot even imagine though how someone gets through this kind of tragedy!

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